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Essential web design software for Power PC

A useful legacy software that might be hard to find anywhere else.

As the support for old, PowerPC Macs drops every minute, finding the right software may become a time-consuming task. You can find the most important ones here!

Apple stopped releasing updates for Safari so you may find useful to get TenFourFox – a PowerPC clone of Fire Fox browser. It supports all important web development add-ons such as Web Developer Add-on for Firefox and Firebug Add-on for Firefox.

Get TenFourFox – a browser for PowerPC.

Cyberduck is a simple yet powerful FTP client. It looks almost like Finder, with few extra buttons and enables you to use your ftp resources almost as they were the folders in your local network.

Download Cyberduck for PowerPC

MAMP is everything you need to test your website locally. It consists of PHP server and MySQL server. It also requires zero configuration.

Download MAMP for PowerPC

TextWrangler is a handy code editor. It is not overloaded with features yet it has everything you need to edit your PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many more. It has built-in FTP client for editing remotely located files — applying amendments to your pages and files directly on the server with a nudge of a finger (Cmd+S).

Download TextWrangler for PowerPC

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