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Creating a website in shabby chic style

Shabby chic style characterises a sweet combination of vintage objects and grunge textures. It often goes beyond kitsch, but if used with care can be stylish, too.

Bloomia is an independent florist and a flower shop based in Dunbar – a stunningly beautiful little town sitting on the coast, a few miles up north from Edinburgh. A decorative shabby chic style and it’s sweet nostalgia ideally suits the shop and its surrounding of the Dunbar’s old town. The shabby chic style of the website uses grunge textures, elements of photos of an old furniture and required a lot of Photoshop magic to create a time-worn look.

The concept

First, I created a functional mock-up of the key pages of the website.


My client had a very clear idea of what she wants to home page to look like and even sent a sketch.


The design

As the shabby chic style demands a lot of texturing and graphic effects, instead of using my favorite Adobe Illustrator, I decided to create a whole website in Photoshop.

Elements used in the design


Alternative concepts


My Workbench



… and plenty of coffee :-)


View the Portfolio entry for this work.

Launch Bloomia website.

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