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Rebranding a Country

A quick concept of redesign of the Polish national flag. F1 and soccer team wear – examples and visuals.

I asked myself what’s the most characteristic thing about Polish people? Poland is such a diverse society that there is not an easy answer to that question. The word ‘undefined’ comes to mind. More than 5 mln Poles live abroad and Polish culture is highly influenced by others somehow remaining unique. Poles are creative in many fields including business, art, science. They have romantic soul that makes them climb the hills in the middle of the night or sing over a bottle of vodka till the late morning.

The current flag simply doesn’t reflect the nation’s spirit, identity and aspirations. It is boring, dull and almost identical to other flags of two european countries.

I came up with this experiment to find out more about boundaries of country’s main logo and graphic identity and about possibillity creating something new and innovative in this field.

The visuals below show that changing the national banner may give designers a new opportunities.

Alternative Polish F1 team outfit and livery
Alternative Polish football teamwear

Comparing to the original (left), a new Polish flag (right) might seem a bit crazy but it definitely stands out.
Alternatywna flaga Polski

The alternative version of my new flag (right) is reflecting the division in Polish society to more liberal (west) and conservative (east) part of the country:

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