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Pixel-perfect work in Adobe Illustrator

I always favoured Illustrator over Photoshop in designing for web. With new features focused on pixels the rivalry between both applications became even tougher.

As I don’t have any formal design education I need to move things around a lot on the art-board, until they balance each other. Adobe Illustrator allows me to do so in a very intuitive way. Since perhaps version 9 or 10, it has always been a most versatile graphic design tool for me.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 11.23.32In Version CS6 Adobe added to existing ‘pixel preview’ new, excellent ‘pixel grid’ and generally improved pixel-precise operations on objects (e. g. snapping to pixels can be easily turned off), making Illustrator even more powerful aid for designing for web and devices. Due to the vector-based nature of Illustrator, everything is scalable to suit high resolution screens or print – simply choose pixel density (dpi) on export and when working with graphic effects.

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