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May the Force be with us!

Probably everyone of us was wondering how would it be if we were a different person. Soon we will be able to create 3D model of ourselves using a webcam or a mobile phone and then upload it into a game. It is possible that with a 3D printer we will be able to make a wax figures of ourselves and put is somewhere where our presence is required but not necessarily pleasant for us. Well, in the meantime, before it all happen, I recommend Photoshop to play with the idea.


Landscape enhancement

The original photo has been been taken in the Winter and it wasn’t very attractive. Luckily there was no snow, as we were briefed to show this new development site in the summertime. I used various photographs to create that visual – changed the sky, colorised the water, added some spring grass and wild flowers in the foreground, added the forest texture on the hill and completely replaced the castle on the far island.


Most professional 3D programs have advanced texturing and lighting tools to create realistic scenes, but if you need just the one-off shot of it’s usually quicker to finish the image in 2D image-editing program. That scene was generated with AutoCad and post-processed in Photoshop.

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