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New OS for Mac, Yosemite – not for everyone (still)

Couple of years ago Apple introduced iCloud, which seemed to be a first, good shot at innovating few decades old file system. With iOS 8 and Yosemite apple introduces iCloud Drive, a completely ‘new’ approach – which in fact forces us to throw all our files back in one bag, where it was prior the iCloud.

Few years ago Apple introduced iCloud. At a time it seemed a good shot at innovating the decades old Finder. With iOS 8 and Yosemite Apple introduces iCloud DRIVE, which throws all the files back in a single bag, where it was prior the iCloud.

added on Dec 8, 2014, last mod. 17.02.2015

I often use process-intense apps and loads of memory.

Getting tired of the new os bullcrap I was looking to downgrade my Mac back to Mavericks and came across this postThe text below is based on my comment to that article.

My adventure with Yosemite and why I don’t recommend it to ‘power-users’

Version tested – OSX 10.10.1

Unfortunately got tempted the by continuity, calls and text directly from the Mac, spotlight search and all this redesigned look of the new OSX … upgraded and gosh… hardly make it through the day without a random system freeze. Safari crashes regularly, Photoshop had to turn off it’s hardware support… disaster!

Also the apps and the Finder seem more sluggish than before, especially when you turn on the recommended by Apple file-vault. I would rather recommend the latter only to the users that carry around some very sensitive data around on their portables, as it slows the performance down significantly and anyway it doesn’t encrypt when on battery power.

Oh, did I mention, an open/save file window in Yosemite sometimes gets stuck too high so the controls are not accessible… Apple… seriously?

Also – calls made from the mac via an iPhone have cross-continental-like delays; Continuity – not seem to be so useful (when it works properly which was rare in my case).

I was patient until the 10.10.1… got a system freeze the same day.

Regarding the Yosemite’s new look I was quite happy with most changes they introduced such as brighter colours and optional dark UI – loved it!, never really got used to a new Safari’s icon, though, yack..

Helvetica Neue in UI also makes sort of sense to me – it follows the iOS trend and I never experienced readability problem on 15” retina.

Generally I think the team from Cupertino slightly missed one of the fundamental design principles – a good UI is the invisible UI and I find the Yosemite a little bit more distracting than the Big Cats family+Maverics.

And ultimately, how hard is it to lift your ass up and pick up the phone? Human race is becoming increasingly lazy! :-)

What I expect from a good OS

A list of OS’s most important aspects:

  1. Workflow
  2. Reliability
  3. App performance
  4. Extra features

Snow Leopard was my favourite OSX so far… simple and steady as a rock. I think that I had the best user experience with it ever, maybe because I was a fresh convert from Windows back then, I am not sure. As I remember I was flabbergasted with the clarity of the UI, how the features and settings were organised, workflow and aesthetics.

Back in the days I was more keen on working on my 2GB RAM G4 than a 8GB Dual Core Windows machine as despite the poorer performance workflow on Mac was significantly better than on Windows machine. I think the latter OSXs are begin to slightly lose that quality as the interface is becoming more ‘future rich’ therefore often more distracting.

A new Mac with an older OSX

I am not sure if Mavericks or earlier OSX would work well on a new iMac retina as I am suspecting that all that mess with graphics in Yosemite is partly because the new iMacs retina. 5k display probably needs a new approach in designing the os, who knows.

… as always, Google is your friend, speaking to one of the Apple’s Geniuses might help, too.


I just downgraded to Mavericks and already see improvement in performance, Finder works much smoother and computer seems to be back to ‘normal’. I also have the feeling that because the whole UI in Mavericks and earlier systems is slightly brighter than in the latest one you intuitively dim your screen a little bit saving some battery.

On the other hand brighter colours of the Yosemite made me retouch some of the photos I use for desktop publishing, giving them more saturation. I will find out how they come out in print soon ;-)
– they came out pretty sweet (added on 17.02.2015)

Summarising, I will probably stick to Mavericks until the next release,  as I don’t think they gonna sort out Yosemite any time soon. It’s just too much mess there… and perhaps longer as I am now discouraged by the latest upgrade experience. (luckily there is always TM).

Also I know that I might sound a little dated but I am a dedicated email freak – I prefer this form of communication  over IM and social networks as it somehow falls between the two worlds – on-line and offline – depending on the speed of  interaction and is easier to organise, if you are equipped in a good app. Mac Mail alone is a program that would convince me to buy a Mac (actually I think the iOS email app is even better in many cases). Let’s hope that would not be screwed up in upcoming releases.

Hopefully the next OSX will be more stable, if not, well, there is always Linux… ;-)


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