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Buy a gadget = help someone.

It is encouraging to see when big corporations share a bit of they website traffic for a good cause.

Environmental tendencies, also in marketing, are a big thing in US for a while now. It hasn’t arrived in UK that much, though. I guess in Europe we tend to be more sceptical about all “new” trends and less like – “hooray let’s go for it 250%”. Which isn’t always better.

All main brands including big, yellow M and Coke are turning “green” and eco-friendly (what an irony). Apple on the other hand have been foresting environmentalism for many years. At least that’s how they’d like to come across as… ;-)

They’ve been working on striping their products and technology process from as many toxic substances as they can. Who cares that the cables break apart after 2 months of regular use and we have to buy new ones… Let’s just hope that the quality will improve at some point. (Maybe with a help of some hemp-based materials ;-)

Apple uses their website not only to promote their products and their environmental programs but also to derive some of their traffic to fund-raising and charitable websites by posting links on their homepage should major disaster happen. It is not too original but wonderfully executed.

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